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Not 3.75% but EUR 750.00 per fixture!

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Our company is based in Rotterdam, acting as cargo brokers for our charterers. We break the traditional conventions in shipbroking by charging a fixed fee instead of a percentage. Saving on costs to shipowners resulting in lower freight!

Shipbroking at a fixed fee of EUR 750.00

We offer our shipbroking services for intra-European shipments at a fixed fee where our competitors all work on basis of a percentage. 

Do the math

A voyage of EUR 100,000.00 at 3.75% commission means the broker gets EUR 3,750.00! We charge EUR 750.00 for the same service, resulting in EUR 3,000.00 difference! 


Since decades, if not centuries, brokers get paid a percentage of the freight. This remuneration method still persists although the time changed drastically (f.x. introduction of internet resulted in less work load and cheaper means of communication). 

Shipbroking 2.0

Our approach is truly beneficial to Charterers, Shipowners, but also for ourselves. That is why we call our approach Shipbroking 2.0 


 Our philosophy with a fixed fee for our services will result in lower seafreight rates. This approach helps charterer and shipowners. Also, it  increases the quantity of fixtures which result in a sustainable profit.

Blue Ocean Brokers BV
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Blue Ocean Brokers BV Service Range

Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience to find the right ship for your cargoes at the best price.


Our broad network of shipowners and operators combined with our knowledge are at your disposal at a fixed fee, completely transparent no strings attached


Through our sister company Odin Warehousing & Logistics BV we offer warehouse facilities of about 40,000m2 in the Port of Rotterdam 

Inland Forwarders

Let us take care of your onwards transports from port of Discharge to final destination, so you do not have to worry about your logistics at all. That is what we call a one-stop-shop approach 


Our Team

Blue Ocean Brokers BV is professional and talented young organisation, thinking out of the box, and available 24/7 to meet your requirements in shipping

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Our Goal

Each fixture makes us even more hungry, hungry for more cargoes to our principal's and supplier's satisfaction. As a result we increase our efficiency constantly and deliver a unique service which benefits all involved.




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In the News

Our concept towards shipbroking services against a fixed fee gains a lot of attention in the Media. This proves we are on the right track and internationally it is recognised we are changing an old fashioned landscape and understand the needs of both charterers and shipowners.

 Blue Ocean Brokers in the Media 

Below are some articles published by relevant and leading organisations in our industry, which explain the concept in more detail. Please click on the image to open in a new window, which allows you to read the article you have clicked.


This article was published in Shipping Network, which is published by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in London.


Our concept towards shipbroking was published in January 2016 issue of The Crucible, published by the MMTA (Minor Metal Trade Organization) as the organization believes our concept adds value to their members’ supply chain.

Nieuwsblad Transport _ Vast tarief voor scheepsbevrachting in Rotterdam

The above article is published in the leading Dutch newspaper on Transport and Logistics (Nieuwsblad Transport) and discusses our approach to shipbroking versus the traditional brokerage fee.

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